samedi 20 août 2016

Shadow - Love Lite

Shadow - Can You Keep It Up.

Shadow - Best Lady

Sho-Nuff - Hold On For Love.

Sho Nuff - You Got Me Workin'.

Sho Nuff - Stand Up.

Sho Nuff – Don't Use Me Up.

Sho Nuff - Careful Man.

Aurra - The Definitive Collection 2003

Aurra - The Definitive Collection 2003


1     –Aurra     In The Mood (To Groove)    
2     –Aurra     When I Come Home (12" Version)    
3     –Aurra     Who Are You? (12" Version)    
4     –Aurra     Are You Single? (12" Version)    
5     –Aurra     Keep Doin' It (12" Version)    
6     –Aurra     Make Up Your Mind (12" Version)    
7     –Aurra     A Little Love (Edit)    
8     –Aurra     Checking You Out (Shep Pettibone 12" Version)    
9     –Aurra     In My Arms (12" Version)    
10     –Aurra     Such A Feeling (Radio Edit)    
11     –Aurra     Baby Love (12" Version)    
12     –Aurra     Like I Like It (7" Version)    
13     –Déjà     You And Me Tonight (7" Mix)    
14     –Déjà     That's Where You'll Find Me    
15     –Déjà     Serious (7" Version)    
16     –Déjà     Made To Be Together (7" Remix Edit Version)

Aurra - The Definitive Collection 2003

Cameo - Flirt.

Cameo - Style.

Cameo - Rigor Mortis.

Cameo - Keep It Hot

Prelude's Greatest Hits Vol I.

 Prelude's Greatest Hits Volume I .


A1     –D Train*     Keep On   
A2     –Unlimited Touch     I Hear Music In The Streets   
A3     –Linda Taylor     You And Me Just Started   
A4     –Gayle Adams     Your Love Is A Lifesaver   
A5     –Sharon Redd     Beat The Street   
A6     –Musique     In The Bush   
A7     –Rod     Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo)   
A8     –Nick Straker Band, The*     Straight Ahead   

B1     –France Joli     Come To Me   
B2     –Hi-Gloss*     You'll Never Know   
B3     –Theo Vaness     Sentimentally It's You   
B4     –Lax*     All My Love   
B5     –Inner Life     I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)   
B6     –Secret Weapon (2)     Must Be The Music   
B7     –The Strikers     Body Music
B7      - The Strikers-Body Music (Special 12'' Disco Version)
B8      -Sharon Redd - In The Name Of Love


Prelude's Greatest Hits Vol I.

Sharon Redd - You're The One

Sharon Redd - Try My Love On For Size

Sharon Redd - Got Ya' Where I Want.

Sharon Redd - Can You Handle It

The Pretty Boys - I've Got My Eyes On You

The 3 Rockies - Moving Alone

Sparque - Let's Go Dancin'.

Slapbak - We Come To Jam