mardi 23 septembre 2014

Chaka Khan -

Chaka Khan - I Feel For You - YouTube

Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody - YouTube


Shine-Love This Feeling-



Vidéo SHINE - I Love This Feeling - Rare Funk Track by


O.T. Sykes-Stone Crush On You

Kenny Long-Better To Have Love And Lost

Billy Griffin - Hold Me Tighter In The Rain

Lew Kirton- Talk To Me

Chris Beckers Splash-Keep On Dancing Keep

Fonzi Thornton - I Work For A Livin

After 7 - One Night


Omni - Out Of My Hand

Dynasty - Love In The Fast Lane


Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson - Closer Than Closer

Ronnie McNeir - Keep Giving My Love-


Black White and Co- Wanna Jam

HOWARD JOHNSON -Jump into fire

001-HOWARD_JOHNSON -Jump_into_fire- Funky soul blog.mp3