mardi 22 septembre 2015

Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why


Bobby Mann - Thats Kinky


Barbara York - Tonight

Esbee Family - Gin & Lime


ERIC KOL - let your love


Eric Kol - Hard To Say Good Bye


En Vogue - You Don't Have To Worry


E.P.M. - Trudy


Dwight Druick - Quand Tu Te Laisses Aller


Kids At Work - She's My Baby

Kiddo - This Love Will Last


Kevin Toney - Red Tape

K.C. & The Sunshine Band - All In The Night's Work


First Circle - Miracle Worker


Eumir Deodato - Make You Feel Good

Trilark - Love Never Looked Better


Trickeration - Rap, Bounce, Rockskate


Tranzit - I'll Be Missing You


Trance - Hang On It


Traks - Give Me Some


Tow Zone - Be Your Lover