lundi 9 mai 2016


Avonn - Everybody Get Down

Anita Pointer - Overnight Success.


Almir Ricardi - Festa Funk.

Alioke Alison Borg - Sound Of Soul.


Aleem With Leroy Burgess - Confusion

Funk-Disco-Soul-Groove-Rap vol 1.

 Funk-Disco-Soul-Groove-Rap vol 1

1 .Funn-School Daze
2 .Anthony And the Camp-What I Like
3 .Bernice Watkins-Let's Call It A Day
4 .Delia Renee-You're Gonna Want Me Back (12-Inch version)
5 .Dolette McDonald-Xtra Special
6 .Earnest Jackson-Reaching Out For Your Love
7 .Empress-Take A Risk
8 .Evan Rogers-Secret Love
9 .Kathy Buck-Don't Beat Around The Bush
10 .Kevin Johnson-You Walked Out On Me(1983)
11 .McFadden & Whitehead-One More Time (Album Version)
12 .NORFOLK-you are my doll baby
13 .Norman Weeks & The Revelations-Hold On (Original Mix)
14 .Nythjar-All In Fun
15 .Willie Walker Jr.-Watching The Ladies
16 .Zest-Hot Tasty Love




Funk-Disco-Soul-Groove-Rap vol