mercredi 25 mai 2016

Slave - Watching You.

Slave - Wait For Me.

Slave - Stellar Fungk.

Slave - Steal Your Heart.

Shotgun -The Party's Right.

Shotgun - Stand Up Reach For The Sky.

Shotgun - Shake & Pop.

Shotgun - Let Me Be Myself.

Shotgun - Ladies Choice.mp3

Starpoint - Wanting You.

Starpoint - Show Me.

Starpoint - Shake It Out.

Starpoint - Sensational.

Starpoint - Satisfy My Lover.

Starpoint - Restless.

Starpoint - Last Night.

Starpoint - I'm So Crazy `Bout You

Starpoint - Get Your Body Up.

Starpoint - Emotions.

Starpoint - Don't Be So Serious.

Starpoint - Let Go.

Starpoint - Keep On It.

Starpoint - Behind Your Back.

Secret Weapon - Don't Let It Get Away

Secret Weapon - Do You Love Me

Second Image - Fall In Love.

Second Image - What's Happening

Second Image - Sing And Shout.

Second Image - Lights Out.

Second Image - Better Take Time.

The Manhattans Black Tie 1981


  The Manhattans* – Black Tie


Just One Moment Away                     4:29
You Stand Out                        4:12
Let Your Love Come Down                  4:44
Honey, Honey                             3:46
When You See Me Laughing               3:40
I Wanta Thank You                     3:50
Deep Water                          3:35
Just Can't Seem To Get Next To You     3:33
I Was Made For You                     4:11
When I Leave Tomorrow               4:34

Bonus Tracks 


Just One Moment Away (Single Version)         3:22
Let Your Love Come Down (12" Promo Version)   4:27
Let Your Love Come Down (Single Version)      3:23
Do You Really Mean Goodbye? (Single Version)  3:48
Rendezvous (Single Version)                   4:15
I Wanta Thank You (Single Version)            3:41



The Manhattans Black Tie 1981.

Midnight Star (Anniversary Collection (1999).

  Midnight Star (Anniversary Collection )


Make It Last     3:40
I've Been Watching You     3:48
Hot Spot     7:21
Freak-A-Zoid     3:59
Wet My Whistle     5:09
No Parking On The Dance Floor     4:28
Slow Jam     4:18
Operator     4:11
Curious     3:55
Headlines     4:18
Midas Touch     5:15
Don't Rock The Boat     4:01
Snake In The Grass     3:40
The Love Of My Life     4:26
Freak-A-Zoid (Millennium Mix)     4:36
Slow Jam (Live)     5:18




 Midnight Star (Anniversary Collection (1999).

Calloway - Work Hard.

Calloway - Freaks Compete

Black Masses - Wonderful Person.

Bernice Watkins - Let's Call It A Day.

Arthur Adams - You Got The Floor.

Big Tony - Sound Of Music.

Bar-Kays - 48 Hours.

Awesome Foursome - Funky Breakdown.

Aliki - Dancing Through The Night.

Spectrum - Takin It To The Top.

Shotgun - Bad Babe.

Shokk - Lock Me Out.

Savanna - I Can't Turn Away.

Rue Caldwell - The Party Starts When I'm With You.

Timeless Legend - I Was Born To Love You.

The New Yorkers - My Baby Knows

The Mood - Get The Love.