mercredi 7 septembre 2016

STARSHINE - all i need is you

GQ - Disco Nights.

GERI LOGAN - come and get it

GENE DUNLAP - Party in me

FRISKY - you've got me dancing

EXQUISITE - Taste It's You That's Happening

DEBRA HURD - Hug Me, Squeeze Me.

CRIPS - Sunlight.

CHESNUT BROTHERS - sweet little rita

CHARISSE - i can't face the rain

NICE - You are very special.

NATHAN CAFFEE - Love in the first de

MASTERPLAN - Just a fantasy.

Precious Wilson-Killing Me Softly

Lisa Richards-Hooked On Your Love.

FRANKLYN - Future love

FLIGHT - No more part time lovin


Steve Watson - Booggie , I Was Born.

Mini Curry-Serious.

The Malemen - Take You Out.

The Malemen - Squeeze Play.

The Malemen - Part Time

The Malemen - Baby Doll.

The Armed Gang - You.

The Armed Gang - Say yeah.

The Armed Gang - Are You Ready.

The Main Attraction ‎– All The Way

Terri Wells - Just Like Dreamin'.