samedi 23 janvier 2016

Percy And Artie Space Band - Funk With You

Miles Jaye - Irresistible

Matt Covington - Naked To The World

Matrix - Take Me Up

Masterplan - Just A Fantasy

The Whispers - Turn Me Out

The Whispers – Some Kinda Lover

The Whispers - Innocent

The Sylvers - There's a Place

The Sylvers - Taking Over

The Stylistics - Whats Your Name

The Strikers - Strike It Up

The Strikers - Body Music.

The Strangers - Love Rescue

Tolbert - I've Got It

Thunderstorm - I Wanna Do It

Thunderstorm - Hey You Get Ready

Thunderstorm - Givin' Up The Good Life

Thunderstorm - Disco Boogie

Thunderflash - Too Bad You Didn't Realize

Thunderflash - Reach Your High Tonite

Mac Thornhill - Boogie Fire

Lipstick - Rain Song

Kim Tolliver - Party Lights

Karen Silver - Set Me Free

kano - I Need Love

Jocelyn Brown - Pickin Up Promises.

Jimmy Spicer - The Bubble Bunch.

Jackie Stoudemire - Guilty

Hot Spice - All About.

Haley Anderson - All To Myself.

Geno Jordan ‎– You're A Peachtree Freak On Peachtree Street

Free Russell - I've Got A Song For You

Eddy Rosemond - (Wake Up And Move) Funk It

Earth Wind Fire - And Love Goes On

Douglas Jones - I Want Ya