dimanche 12 juin 2016

Lady B - To The Beat Y'all

Kevie Kev- All Night Long.

Keith Sweat - I Want Her

Kat-Mandu- - Imagination

Johnnie & Michael Hill - Party Night

Steven Abdul Kahn - Gotta Have Your Lovin

Lonnie Love - Young Ladies

Light Of The World - Stranger

Leon Beal - We Can Make It If We Try

Lefturno - Out Of Sight.

Land Of Hits Orchestra - Gangster Rock

Billy Hinton - Hard And Soft.

  Billy Hinton – Hard And Soft 1984


A1     Everybody's A Freak   
A2     Friends   
A3     A Challenge (Vocal)   
A4     Don't You Know Heart   
B1     To The Meat Rap 84   
B2     Give Her Up   
B3     A Challenge (Instrumental)   
B4     What You Thought (Dissatisfaction & Reflections)



Billy Hinton - Hard And Soft

Ruben Beewa - Body Motion

  Ruben Beewa – Body Motion 1983


A1     Spotlight     5:50
A2     Let's Do It Again     4:30
A3     I'm In Love With You     4:50
A4     Free Your Love     4:58
B1     Who's Loving Who     4:12
B2     Being Away     5:54
B3     In And Out Of Your Love     4:10
B4     I'm In Love With You (Part II)     2:18




Ruben Beewa - Body Motion