dimanche 20 septembre 2015

The Dells ‎– I Touched A Dream++ Whatever Turns You On (1980et1981)



    I Touched A Dream (1980)

1 -So You Are Love– D. 5:07
2 -All About The Paper   5:30
3 -Passionate Breezes 5:35
4 -I Touched A Dream  5:18
5 -Just A Little Love 3:39
6 -Look At Us Now 3:29
7 -Your Song    3:27

Whatever Turns You On (1981)  

1    Happy Song    
2    It Took A Woman Like You To Make A Man Out Of Me    
3     Whatever Turns You On    
4    How Can We Find The Love We Lost When We Don't Know How It Got Away    
5     Ain't It A Shame    
6    Everytime I Hold You Heaven's Just Step Away    
7    Is It It    
8     Stay In My Corner

Chicago Gangsters-Gangster Love


Carl Anderson - Absence Without , Love On & On (1982-1984)

Carl Anderson ‎– Absence With Out Love


A.W.O.L. (Absence With Out Love)

Going Out Again


Fooled Myself Again


C'est La Vie

Got To Find A Way To Get To You

Lose That Girl     

Carl Anderson ‎– On & On


Don't Make Me Wait


It's The Love


Keep It Alive

On & On

Time To Win


Carl Anderson - Absence Without , Love On & On (1982-1984)

Carl Anderson-Don't Make Me Wait


Destiny In The Time Band - You Bring Out The Best In Me


Clausell - I Will Be


Chicago Gangsters - Feel Like Making Love


Brother D - How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise