jeudi 10 novembre 2016

The Graingers - Shine Your Light

The Chapell Band - Do Wanna Do

The Chapell Band - Giving It Away

The Floaters Feat. Shu-Ga - Make It Hot.

The Disco Dog - I'm Gonna Break Your Bones

The Chimes - 1-2-3

The Helicopter - Girls Wake Up




A1-Sizzlin Hot-6:35
A2-It Would Be Done-6:00
A3-Showin You The Way-4:13
A4-You Are Me-4:19

B1-Let Love Take Us For A Ride-4:48
B3-Shout It-4:02
B4-I Came To Dance-6:38



The Chapell Band - Get Away

The Carver Area High School - Get Live

T-Connection - Time Is Short.

Sony Enang - Give It To Me